Review for Flat-Out Celeste

Review for Flat-Out Celeste

Flat-Out CelesteThis book was just in one word perfection. It took me a bit to get used to Celeste and how she talks (she speaks all fancy and uses big words), and at first I wanted to drop the book, but later I started to love Celeste and her big words became something that I really liked.

Celeste is a cute girl, but still damaged by what happened before with Finn, what happened to her family. She is still awkward with things, she has no friends. But she is going to change that, I really loved how she tried her best to change, how she changed her hair, her clothes, tried out for various things. The biggest thing I liked during that? That she had the guts to get up and go to a group of girls (including a person she knows) and offer them help. I was really cheering for her there, so happy that she finally stood up and talked to people on her own, offered them help.
She makes some great friends (I loved Dallas and how wonderful she was) and starts having fun and see that while studying is important, other things also are important. Like Justin, she starts dreaming in class, starts thinking of him all the time.

The biggest change that was to come was Justin. Oh Justin, I loved him. He was funny, silly and so romantic and so so so right for Celeste. I loved how active/bouncy he was, how he just forgot everything, how cute he was.
They start with emails, a whole lot, and then there is a surprise visit by Justin. And then we get texts, mails, visits, dates, phone calls.
I loved how clueless Celeste was and how she went to chat with Julie about it. I loved how Celeste slowly started to notice that she was happy when Justin mailed, texted or when she saw him, how she slowly came out of her shell and found love with a great boy. The are quite a pair.

My favourite sentence and one that kept popping up:
Hey, Justin?
Hey, Celeste?

There are various more parts, sentences that I loved, but this one kept coming back, and was also used in one particularly wonderful scene.

Yes, I cried at times, there were just so many perfect and cute moments. The ending especially. So sad, so beautiful and so great.

One of my favourite parts would be the part where Matt and Celeste get drunk together and decide to do something very impulsive. That made me laugh so much.

And coffee art? It got a whole new meaning to me now. I already loved it, and now I love it even more.

Also we meet again with Matt, we meet again with Julie, and let’s just say (I won’t spoil anything) that something really magnificent will happen, something that will make you cry, and cheer and laugh. So be sure to read it. If you don’t like Celeste, at least read it for Matt and Julie.

I would truly recommend this book to everyone! 🙂


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