Review for Followers

Review for Followers

9780545511964So-so book. Murders? Where? There is one around 60 pages in, one around 70 pages before the end, then one like 30 pages before the end. Sorry, but the blurb made it sound like murders happened the whole time, while in fact it was just 3 murders and so widely spread out that it made the horror feel go away.

Also the murderer, I guessed it from the moment we met that person. rolls eyesDid I mention I hate predictable books?


That blurb is a total lie. The first murder/body that is found is not Briana’s rival. Her account getting hacked? Um no. There is someone with an account named HamletsGhost who tweets the deadly cough, ok not really deadly tweets. All those tweets mentioned in the blurb? Nope. Nope and nope.
Body count rising? Again, 3 murders, and all so far spread out you wouldn’t call that rising.
School in chaos? More like everyone is blaming Briana and turning away from her.
I do hope someone will fix that blurb and make sure it is right.

Weird sentence when Briana goes into one of the boys rooms: “… looked like an earthquake had exploded.” Wait what?

Characters. Urgh. Briana, I disliked her for most of the book. She is a total follower, I didn’t feel like she was that great of an actress and it was just tiring how she acted around everyone. I can imagine her not having/making friends at the beginning.
Tristan, no. Just no. I don’t mind characters like him, but he was just too much, and I felt he only made things worse for Briana.
Willow, what is up with that girl? Really? I just couldn’t read her.

I did like the fact that the murders were hinted in the tweets, it is a nice touch to use todays technology in a horror book. However I felt like it could have been better. Deadlier. Scarier.

All in all, I won’t recommend this book.


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