Review for Gokinjou Monogatari Vol.1

Review for Gokinjou Monogatari Vol.1

9784087821369I watched this anime several years ago, and decided today to also check out the manga. However, I must say the manga is less fun than the anime is. For some reason it seems bland and boring, while the anime was just awesome.

Mikako is a cute character, and I have liked her since I met her first in Paradise Kiss. She has her troubles and her worries, and I was just hoping for some action with Tsutomu, sadly I know from the anime that that took quite a bit of time. I love how dedicated she is to her work and her fashion.

Tsutomu is bleh, and like in the anime, it took a long time for me to finally like him. I found him indecisive, rude and no fun. How he treated Mikako? Just mean. Be honest with yourself, don’t go dating other people to avoid your feelings.

I do love the setting though. Fashion and romance. 🙂 Oh and let’s not forget some slice of life.

Mikako’s friends are really awesome and also very sweet. And I love how they dress.

Will I be reading the rest of the manga? No, it is nice, but I prefer the anime.


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