Review for Haji-Otsu Vol.1

Review for Haji-Otsu Vol.1

9786023390830This is one very adorable manga.

Himari is very cute, I really loved her, though I wish she had more confidence. Her fear of men is at times just hilarious, though I am sure the boys are hurt. She just dashes away from them. But she does her best, and her friends help her (maybe at times a bit too much and with extreme measures). I don’t understand why her typing is so bad though. Isn’t she in high school? I know Kanji/Japanese alphabet/writing system is hard, but come on, I would hope someone who is between 12 and 18 years old can write at least well enough without too many mistakes. And if she can’t text, just be sure to re-read the text before sending it.

Kai, I really like him. He is a cute boy, and he is really good for Himari. Even wearing a mask just so she isn’t afraid of him too much. Telling her he likes her, and saying that she doesn’t have to say it immediately, that he can wait.

The art style is really lovely, soft lines which fit perfectly for this kind of manga.

I can’t wait to see how their relationship will develop. I do hope Himari will soon be used to Kai, and boys in general.

I would recommend this manga to all who need a soft, fluffy and funny manga.


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