Review for Hataraku Maou-sama Vol.1 (manga)

Review for Hataraku Maou-sama Vol.1 (manga)

9784048867214I saw this anime some time ago, sadly it stopped and didn’t get a second season (yet). So I decided to see if I can find something to clench my thirst for this awesome series.

Sadly, I can’t find the light novels, and the manga doesn’t go so far yet. 🙁

The manga (and probably the light novel) are very close to the anime, I was at times a bit bored, because I already seen those scenes in the anime.

So far I haven’t met any characters that I didn’t like, they all have their traits and they are all fun. Maou, our demon overlord who now works at a McDonalds. He and his servant live in a run-down apartment. And then we aren’t even talking about his enemies who drop from the heavens to hunt him down.

There was only one thing I didn’t like, the unnecessary amount of nude in regards of the hero girl. She is the only character who we keep seeing naked (shower/undressing/in flashbacks as the hero).

The manga is comedy, but also has action, fantasy and a bit of romance.

I would recommend this one to everyone who needs a fun manga.



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