Review for Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu Vol.1

Review for Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu Vol.1

978-4199503856I read that this manga would get an official English release, so I had to check it out. Is it any good? Or Not?

Well lets just say, it was good, but it was also highly awkward, random and at times just very strange.

We have school doctor, now I hear you say, that is nothing weird/strange. Now, let me tell you this then. She has only one big eye. Again, not that strange? Let me tell you about her students, and those around her. Her students vary from normal(ish) to students who fall apart (or can throw their body parts), students with a long tongue and so on. Her dad is apparently a big bear and her whole world has a variety of creatures that look mostly human but are also not that human (like they have reptile tails, can walk on walls etc.).

She helps out the students with their problems, we find out she is (thanks to that one eye) very clumsy. There are a few remarks to more adult stuff, but it is all quite subtle.

The art is at times a bit weird, it is good though, but just different from most styles around.

The characters are very fun, and I can’t wait to meet the other students and characters that surround our Doctor’s life.

Will I be buying this manga in English whenever it comes out? Yes, Yes I will. I think this will be a very interesting series with lots of potential. And it is fun that for once the monsters are the main characters, the normal ones and not the other way around.



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