Review for K-on! College

Review for K-on! College

9780316254236I wasn’t a big fan of K-on, mostly because of that horrendous character Azusa. When I heard this one wouldn’t have her, I just wanted to read it.

Sadly I quickly found out that the gags/jokes from previous stuff, carried over to this one, I think that is a shame. They could have easily made these characters more mature, more adult, yet they went for their high school personas, which is a real shame.

There are various new characters, and at times I was just confused as to who was who, but that soon fades and I started liking those characters more than I did the K-on characters.

It was interesting however to see them in college, see them struggle with all the new things and make new friends.

I am glad though that this one is a one volume, and not more. Since I don’t think I would want to read more about this.



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