Review for Limit Vol.1 to Vol.6

Review for Limit Vol.1 to Vol.6

9781935654841I won’t make this long, since everything can be a spoiler. 🙂

This series is fantastic. Lord of The Rings, now with added grudges because of things that happened in school. Perfect, add to that paranoia because of certain events happening and you have a wonderful mix of awesomeness.

The characters really grew on me. At the start I didn’t like them that much, they each had quite a few faults, things done wrong, or for some my dislike was how they acted when everything went down. But later on, you start liking them, you start seeing other sides to them, you learn about their lives and you start rooting for them to survive this terrible situation.

I still find it quite unbelievable that out of a whole class, 6 people survived. Seeing how the bus looks like, seeing how far it felt, it is a miracle.

I really disliked the whole attitude of the school, the buscompany and the rescuers. The bus company was more worried about their reputation, the school didn’t even double check stuff, and the rescue took way to long. I am sure they could have saved a few characters (no spoilers) if help was there faster.

The art is at times gorgeous, but at times also a bit ugly/too raw. But I think that it was fitting. Especially when at times the story, or whatever happened was raw, painful and you can’t use cutesy, lovely art for that. You need to convey it right. 🙂

It was really great to see everyone do their best to survive, hunting for food, finding water, trying to live as long as they can.

The ending was quite good, and it closed everything perfectly.

I would seriously recommend this series to everyone.


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