Review for My Heart Is Laughing

Review for My Heart Is Laughing

9781877579523Received this book from Netgally in exchange for an honest review.

I can say this: I loved this one. It was super super cute, fluffy and fun to read. The illustrations really brought the story to life and I was laughing and also crying at some of the things happening.

The main character was really cute, and I felt sorry for her. Sorry that she lost her friend, sorry that she was being bullied/teased by those 2 girls, but I was also happy for her, happy that she had such a good friend (even though they were far apart), that she had great parents and a few other things.

I loved the dad. How he was at first angry with Dani, and trying to get her to tell why she did what she did, but later was angry at those children for hurting his little girl. I loved how he just stormed out and went to the school to let those girls say sorry instead.

The parts in-between these events (the sleepovers, the chat about Ella) were really fun, and I enjoyed reading them. Smart kids, using a chair to climb a tree, though yes I can imagine the parents might not actually like them taking the chairs (and then losing them).

And extra love to the title, which made me laugh and feel happy.

I would really recommend this book to children (young ones will love it, be it that they read it themselves or being read by their parents). Even adults will love this cute little story. I will be sure to also check the first book.


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