Review for Nathalia Buttface and the Most Embarrassing Dad in the World + Some More

Review for Nathalia Buttface and the Most Embarrassing Dad in the World + Some More

Before I start with my Review I want to thank HarperCollinsKids for the book. I participated in a contest on twitter a few weeks ago and won this wonderful book! Really thanks, I really enjoyed the book.

Here are some pictures of the book:


Now for the review:

Thanks again to Harper Collins Kids! I won this lovely book through a competition on Twitter. 🙂

4.5 stars out of 5.

This was just a wonderful book. It is about Nathalia and her very embarrassing dad.

Now I can hear you say this: Doesn’t everyone have an embarrassing dad? Sure, but does your dad ride in a beat-down van, wear a clowns outfit to school, tell all the teachers (till they go crazy) about how pretty, awesome and wonderful you are, and makes decisions for you about things. And did I tell you about that birthday party, where everything went apocalyptic wrong? Or that one time you ended up in a tree? Or Belgium? Or his embarrassing act while he is djing?
Well say hello to Nathalia’s dad. He is all that and way way more. You will cringe your way through this book.

At times I was just so sorry for Nathalia, and she tried her best to send hints to her dad, but to no avail, he would just laugh, see the sunny side to things and then continue with the demolition course he set. 🙂

Nathalia doesn’t only have her dad to worry about, her last name is also a cause for concern. Yeah, Bumole, which if you look at spells almost Bumhole. A very embarrassing name to have for one who is in school (though I am sure later at work there will be laughter about it too).

Nathalia was a really great kid, though at times I was wondering about her intelligence, she didn’t seem that smart and made some pretty dumb remarks I wouldn’t expect a kid of that age to say. 
I did love how she tried to make friends, she tried to ditch the terror of the school, but no matter what she tries she likes being with him the best. Yes, even if he picks his nose, talks about poo, like poetry about poo and is a general terror to everything. Of course she wants some girls as friends too, and luckily she finds someone.

That dad, my gosh, I was truly cringing, laughing and shaking my head at the things he did. But I still liked the dad. He was honest and hardworking and did his best for Nathalia (even though he destroyed more than he did right). 

The whole book is a rollercoaster of fun, bums, puns and hilarious situations. There are also some illustrations that make the book way more fun. 

And what did I see at the last part? We will get more Nathalia books? Yes, yes, and more yes please!


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