Review for Poor Little Dead Girls

Review for Poor Little Dead Girls

9781440563959While the book was quite awesome, I really enjoyed it, there were things I didn’t like.

  1. The whole secret society, I didn’t really mind it that much at first, until we came to the whole frozen-eggs-in-test-tube stuff and taking-blood-from-unsuspecting-girls/boys. Also rape and drugs. Like what the hell? At times I felt like instead of a secret society I was reading about a girl infiltrated in some high-tech company.
    I felt it was just over the top, too much.
  2. Several of the characters. Some were just creepy/disturbing, and our main character was an idiot at times. A really big idiot.
    For example, she sees someone she knows, half dead on a couch, legs slightly spread and some other stuff with guys surrounding her who are drooling/lusting over her. What does she do? Just walk on, and pretend nothing happened. Good going girl, just as long as it isn’t you I guess you are fine with it. Like what?
    Also add to that the various stuff that happened near the ending/at the ending.

Now for the good things.

  1. I am sucker for Boarding School stories, especially if those are combined with mystery/horror. And this one had all that + quite a bit more.
  2. The cover, it is a simple one, but I really like the colours and the letters.
  3. What I said in the beginning, I liked the secret society thing at the beginning.
  4. The twins, they turned out to be pretty dang awesome. Really liked them and wished they had gotten more showtime.

All in all, would I recommend this book? Yes. Yes I would, but be warned, like I said it is a bit over the top at times.


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