Review for Puchimas Vol.1

Review for Puchimas Vol.1

9784048682510I am currently following the anime (second season!), and I wanted to know if the manga was just as good (or even better!).

Well I can honestly say, it is just as fun as the anime is. Various stories I know from the anime, but also some newer ones (or stories I forgot were animated).

We got a whole mountain of characters. Puchimas, but also normal characters. Luckily they are easy to remember (which doesn’t mean they have no depth, they have enough of that), thanks to how they were drawn.
Every one of them has certain traits and it is really fun to see them in action. Like Miura-san who teleports when someone claps, or Harukasan who multiples when doused in cold water and so on.

I really like the art style for this one.

Well I will be sure to read more of this awesome series. I won’t write a review for every volume/every x number of volumes though.

And I would also recommend this to everyone who is looking for a fun manga.



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