Review for Say I Love You Vol.2

Review for Say I Love You Vol.2

A small warning: Due to a few sexual scenes and some chat about sex, I wouldn’t recommend this book for under 17/18 years old.9781612626031

This volume was just perfect, it was cute, it was romantic. However I see we are really taking a turn out of PG territory and going to a more mature one. Which is ok, it isn’t overly done, though it made me a bit uncomfortable to see the sex scenes.

Mei is really growing, she becomes more cute, more certain and she slowly starts to trust Yamato more and more. Even getting comfortable with him kissing her at times (though apparently French kisses are still out of the question). I loved how she said no to that friend of Yamato, just left because she didn’t feel comfortable. Go girl! I am not sure if the old Mei would have done this.
And her swimming suit, oh lol, where did she dig that one up. I wasn’t expecting that. While I was sure she wasn’t the type for bikinis, but I never knew she would cover herself up that much.

We also find out a bit more about her past, with her strict dad and his death after a sickbed.

Yamato is a wonderful guy, and I love how much he does, helps and understands Mei. Of course he is still a pervert, but he respects Mei’s boundaries and won’t do anything unless she really wants it. And he is honest, Mei asks a question and he answers it.

The side characters are wonderful, and I am really happy to see more about Aiko, Asami and Nakanishi and also Hayakawa. It makes me happy that although they are side-characters that they get just as much time in the spotlight as Mei or Yamato.

And the artstyle is still absolutely lovely, though there are a few times where things don’t look that good.

I am looking forward to the next volumes, only a few more months to go until Vol. 3 comes out.



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