Review for She Is Not Invisible

Review for She Is Not Invisible

A quite boring book at times. Not much happened, and the story made at times no sense.9781444000504

What in Heavens name possesses a BLIND girl to go on a plane, take her little brother, and go find her dad? I mean seriously, what?
She totally relies on her brother for a big part of the book, I had hoped a girl who would get it in her stupid head to go on an plane to the US would have more independence.

I can imagine at times she doesn’t want people to know why she is blind, because, by Gods, the people are just mean/rude/condescending towards her. Which is another thing I was annoyed by. Practically everyone (like when the newsreport came on) thinks she is sad, weak, and can’t do anything by herself.

I didn’t like the notebook part, they are mostly too confusing or too boring and I didn’t really particularly care for them.

I did love the fact this book is about a blind person and how they do things (at least going through cities and such). There should be more books with a blind main character.

All in all a nice book, but prepare to be bored, or to facepalm. 🙂


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