Review for The 100 Society

Review for The 100 Society

Received this book in exchange for an honest review.100society

I was really excited to start this one. Boarding school? Mystery? Art? Romance? Yes please!

The book starts of immediately with awesomeness, sadly after that it deflates again, and we get some small threats/small arguments/small events. Not until later do we get more dangerous things happening.

I really liked the characters (well with the exception of 2 characters), though I was at times annoyed with everyone’s attitude regarding things. Grace, that regardless of the threats she wants to continue with that tagging thing for the 100 society. Trick, with how he always acted distant and at times too tough.

It was a great mystery though, and it had me guessing until the last part. I was down to 2 suspects, and yippee it turned out to be one of them.

I also loved the setting. Boarding School/Elite/Graffiti and a secret Society people are desperate to enter.

All in all a good book, but it just had some parts that were boring, characters that at times annoyed me and some other smaller things. Still I would recommend this book to people looking for a nice mystery/thriller book.


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