Review for The 100

Review for The 100

9789020679694Decent book, but there are enough things wrong with it.

I was truly looking forward to this book (note I read this in Dutch, so some names or things might be different). The setting sounded awesome, detained teens getting shipped off to Earth, now it is finally safe(ish).
Didn’t really get why they had to put a sticker on it that there is a tv-series, since well no tv-series here and I am sure people will get confused.

So first the good things:

*Setting. Like I explained, I liked the idea of an Earth destroyed (or at least damaged) and that a group of teenagers will have to explore get the world back.
*While I was worried that 4 POVs would be confusing, in the end it wasn’t. However, it was still not good, but for other reasons (see Bad Things).
*The cover for the Dutch version was nice, I liked the colours.
*The flasbacks, while at times a bit annoying, they explained quite a bit of the background for the characters. What happened to them, why they are/were in prison or why they boarded that airship.

Bad Things:

Cliffhanger. I truly hate cliffhangers, especially considering that it will be a long wait before the next book is out and in Dutch.
*The POVs. I don’t mind POVs, but we have 3 POVs that tell exactly the same story, just with a few little variations, mostly it is the same. Then we have on POV from Glass, who stayed on the ship. It was highly confusing to be on Earth, and then back to the ship again. I think it could have been done with 2 POVs. Maybe the two girls? Or one girl, one boy?
*The characters. My Gosh I disliked that Clarke girl (who names their girl Clarke btw?). Throughout the whole earth book she was like this: Bleh Wells, I hate you *kisses with Bellamy
, gets in a fight with Bellamy, bleh I hate you kisses with Wells, gets in a fight again, goes back to Bellamy. Make up your damned mind girl, you can’t have both whenever you want.
I also felt like Clarke was just too focussed on one patient. I can imagine she is your best friend, but come on. There are other people and also other things to do.
Then we have Wells, Oh Gosh I disliked him and his attitude.
Glass was just an idiot.
*The History. What the hell happened to Earth? Why did it go so bad/wrong? Can we please have some sort of pre-part that shows us what went wrong?
*The whole world setting, I mean no one is revolting against the person in charge? Even though he is like throwing all the teenagers in a cell? (there goes your future, people). Also while I kind of understand that they are restricting child birth, the way they did it was overdone and just not necessary.

All in all, I might read the next book, because I want to know what happened at the end, but other than that, not my series.



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