Review for The Dare

Review for The Dare

9781402294570Let’s just say I am disappointed in this book. The blurb sounded awesome, but sadly the book wasn’t that good.

There were parts I did like, the parts were we found out what happened back in that night, the dare and what happened after (though we don’t find out the true truth until much much later).

I didn’t like the main character, for most of the book I found her annoying. Never once did she try to truly find out if it was Erica, never once did she believe that Erica was truly dead (well up until the end). When something happened it was always Erica this, Erica that. Through most of the book I thought the main character was delusional or just crazy from the loss and guilt that consumes her. Of course I had suspicions that it either was: 1) someone else. 2) was one of her new friends (with how they acted, later more). 3)Some mysterious guy/gal who wanted Brynna dead.  I found Brynna silly and absurd, though I also had times I felt sorry for her and what happened to her.

Her new friends. By Gods, 70% of the time I didn’t like them. They were all friends, until something happened and then they dumped Brynna faster then you can say cake. Oh no, especially don’t listen to her and what she says, she must have done it, because she is the only one who that one friend came out to (no matter that the whole school clearly thought he was gay and had suspicions already). Then at the end, with everything that happened suddenly they were there again and poof friendship. rolls eyes That is not how it works, friendship means you will always be there for someone, will listen to that person, will believe them and will help them. Not dump them first, then when they get almost killed suddenly like them again. Stupid, so stupid.

Then the point which I hated the most. The happy go lucky ending, which I truly dislike in books like this (mystery/thriller/horror).. Why couldn’t it for once go wrong? Why can’t the main character for once die or something?  And then they let the murderer just vanish/die/mysteriously go, nothing is solved, and I dare to bet a second book is in the making where this character comes back and tries to destroy her again. Or wait wait, of course not, let’s make it better, let’s make her delusional again, and then magically have another murderer! Oh yes, perfect. *gags*

No, no, and just no again.


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