Review for Welcome to the Dark House

Review for Welcome to the Dark House

9781423181729Fun concept, fun idea, and at times a bit scary.

However, there are just too many characters to keep track off, and that annoys me the most. At times I was just plain confused as to who was speaking (Yes I know, it was mentioned at the beginning of the chapters), or who they were again, I just didn’t feel any attachments to them.

I did like Ivy, though I felt she was out of place in a place where everyone loves that Justin Blake’s movies or horror/scary movies. She was mostly just there to face her fears, and didn’t care about all the other stuff. Parker was nice, but I knew something was up with him from the beginning. In a book like this there is always one person who is cheating/hiding secrets/planning something. Other than them, I didn’t really care for the rest. Though I did dislike Garth Vader (what a name, so lame, who calls his kid that).

The whole concept (scary house/movies/serial killers and nightmares coming to life) was nice and very interesting, and also the main reason why I started with this book. And I was not disappointed with this part, though I felt at times it was a bit too cliché and overdone.

And now we come to the ending, or should I say, cliffhanger/cheapskate way of ending a book. For all those who want to read it, don’t. Wait until the second book or something like that comes out. IF it ever comes out. Let’s just say it ends crappy and blurgh, and unless you can handle that, I wouldn’t recommend it.

All in all a fun/interesting and at times scary book, but the ending and also the big cast of characters just ruined things for me.


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