Review for The Deep

Review for The Deep

Blonde Woman in Long Dress at Stormy SeaI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Jen Minkman for giving me the opportunity to read/review this book!

With the Deep, the Island series come to a close (insert sad face). It was a very interesting journey, we met very interesting characters and we met with an interesting world. A world that is broken, a world still building back to normalcy.

In this last part we have 2 POVs, this time Leia (our main girl in all the books) and Alisa. One of them is travelling to find out more about other people while the other is staying at home where problems are still brewing.

Did I like the POVs? Not really. I was looking forward to the whole setting sail to the new unknown world (well at least for the Island people), and instead of a whole book dedicated to that, we also have parts that take place on the Island. Now, I can understand why this is done.  After all when Leia and Walt leave there is still enough conflicts between people because of things that happened in book 1/2.  However, that doesn’t make it any better. I would have preferred it more like this Leia, Alisa, Leia, Alisa. Now at times I was struggling to get through Alisa’s POVs, because I just was dying to know what happened with Leia and Walt (and because every time we switched, something awesome/exciting/mysterious happened with Leia/Walt).

I loved Leia and Walt, and I am also very very happy that they got some alone time (kisses/hugs etc.). I was waiting and hoping for that to happen. 🙂

And I met with an old character that I didn’t like at first, but thanks to this, I am loving him now. I am talking about Saul, the guy who was so bad, so evil, so corrupted, makes a big change in this book. A change which melted my heart and I was just cheering for him (and Alisa) in the end. Thanks Jen Minkman for giving him more spotlight, giving him a change to redeem himself.

Alisa, interesting character, but I felt like she was trying too hard, too much at times. And she was just annoying, but I think that was mostly because I just was looking forward to the Leia parts and she was in the way.

I loved the details of the journey, the mainland and what happened there. It was really interesting to see what happened on the mainland. You would think almost total annihilation of the world would change people, make them see that what they are doing is wrong, but I guess not. I do hope that people on Tresco will be able to live in peace and not be attacked or taken over by the guys on the mainland. Because yes, violence is bad, but to instantly kill people? Without trial? No. Just no. And to change the Bible to make sure it fits your story is just bad. There were enough other creepy parts that all took place on the mainland and I loved it (though I was also creeped out at times), it really added to the total story.

That was another thing, there was quite an amount of religion in this one. I don’t mind it that much, it was mostly very interesting to see everyone’s view on religion.

This total series is something I would recommend to everyone, it is a really beautiful and awesome series, and again, I am just sad it is over.

Now there is one last thing that I would love. I would love some prequels, with POVs from the kids on the ship that went to the Island, or a prequel with the story about the world and how everything went to hell.



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