Review for the One

Review for the One

9780062060013cries tears of joyThis was absolutely wonderful, epic and everyone should read this series.

I was at first sad that the book was delayed to June (trying to avoid spoilers wasn’t easy at times), but later I was happy when delivered it like a week before the new release date.

This book was just perfect. It was pretty, it was romantic, it was fantastic.

However, there were also parts where I wasn’t happy, parts where I was just shaking my head. Some parts just didn’t make sense, or felt like they were added just for the sake of it, to spice up the story more.
Like what happened to the other Elites and some other people during a certain event, or the whole thing that happened at the end with Maxon and America or that one event with America’s family.

I did love the wedding (not saying who America is marrying, that will be a nice surprise), it was absolutely wonderful and sweet. She deserves that guy and I hope they are both happy.

America was once again a great character, though I still feel like she should be more honest with Maxon, and also with Aspen. Boys are no toys girl, you can’t string two people like that. It is just mean.

I loved the whole resistance part and how it added something nice to the story.

Once again, I hated the king. He was a total jackass and I hated how he was just destroying a country with his decisions. How he was destroying a future.

All in all, I am sad the series is over (for the main story at least), but we still got a prequel (the Queen) to look out for. I am excited, and hope for several Elites to also get a nice side story. 🙂


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