Review for The Storm Whale

Review for The Storm Whale

DSCN9868I just had to have this. I have a soft spot for picture books and I love to read them. 🙂

This book is adorable, a little boy, left alone by his dad (because of his work) finds a baby whale and takes it home.

Noi, our little boy, is a very cute character. And while I didn’t think the idea of taking a whale with you to home (when there is a whole sea next to you) is a good idea, I could understand why he did it.
He had no one (seems like his house is quite a bit away from things) to talk to, no one to play with, and then he found the whale. I can imagine he would take the whale with him, finally a playmate, finally someone who will listen to your stories.
I was also amazed that he didn’t snap or get that angry with his dad. He understood what he did wasn’t right, he knew the whale had to go back.

The dad, I can imagine that he doesn’t want to leave his little kid, but he also has to get food and such on the table. I am glad though that he finally saw that Noi was lonely, and that he was planning on doing something about the loneliness. Yeah for good dads!

The illustrations are gorgeous, you are truly teleported to the beach, to Noi’s house, to the sea, to everything. You can find something fun on every page (like for example all the cats), there is great amount of detail. The pages are also very colourful.

I will be hoping that Benji Davies will make more picture books like this one. I will be sure to buy it if such a thing comes out.


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