Review for Wickedpedia

Review for Wickedpedia

9780545415873Just a warning to all: This book is not really good for those who are squeamish or can’t handle gore. There are a few parts that are really gore.

I was really looking forward to this book, sadly it was just not meant to be.

Things wrong:

*The blurb is a lie. A lot doesn’t happen in the book. Which is really a shame, the blurb (and also the cover) were things that got me to want to read this book. I do hope this gets fixed for the official book, otherwise I fear more people will be angry/not amused.
*For quite a bit of the book I was confused as to how old the characters were. Most of them act like 13/14, while apparently they were around 17/18 and in the last class of High School. Cole is even worse, at times he acts like a 13 year old, but at other times (with his cooking and such) he acts like he is 60+ years old. It was all confusing.
*The gore, it was overdone, and just horrible. It was like the writer just felt like the deaths needed to be as gore as possible. Not all deaths were shown, there is one that we don’t get to read about directly until someone finds that person. That was a bit weird and also distracting. Not that I wanted to read about it, but I would like some consistency, either everything is shown, or nothing. Not everything and then leave 1 out.
*The ending, it was absolutely crap. There is a big thing happening and then it is over, just like that. Nothing on what happens after all that, nothing on what happens to Cole, nothing on anything, and that pisses me off, I already had to drag myself through the book, and then to find out the book ends like that.
*The perp or the murderer. My guess was right, I already knew who it was since practically the first murder/first event. I was kind of hoping, just a little bit, that I was wrong. Sadly it was not. My second guess also was right, and well, blurgh.
*The idea. While it sounded nice at first it just reminded me too much of Death Note, only instead of a book, it is the internet. That was truly a shame, I had hoped for a twist, but it was just exactly like Death Note.
*A big part of the book was just boring teen drama. I don’t mind a bit of teen drama, but this was just horrible.
*Again the characters, Andrea, was just the most horrendous character. She was a total bitch, trying to set up everyone and then acting like she is all so innocent and boo hoo.

There was 1 thing that I liked and that was the cover.

All in all, not a book I would recommend, unless you don’t mind predictability, teen drama, deaths in gruesome details, boring ideas.



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