What I Hope To Read June 2014

What I Hope To Read June 2014

Hello all,

A bit late, I have been busy with a lot of things. But here I will list the books I do hope to read. This month, unlike others, I barely have any pre-orders, just 1 or 2 manga (still unknown since Amazon.de likes to delay stuff). So for this month I will only list books I am really excited about and I just can’t wait to start reading.



The Things You Kiss Goodbye by Leslie Connor ~ Romance, Drama and a gorgeous cover! I am so in.

My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal ~ First Kiss and then Death? Wait what? I can’t wait to read this one and find out what happened.

The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst ~ A town for lost things? A Missing Man? Knife Wielding girls? I am in.

The Willing by Suzanne Young ~ A new book by Suzanne Young? That is already an instant read for me, but the blurb (and that cover) also seem awesome.

Tales From a Not-So-Glam TV Star by Rachel Renée Russel ~ I really like this series, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out more books were written.

Followers by Anna Davies ~ Horror is so hard to find these days, and I like the idea of this one, using modern tools (like Twitter). Let’s hope though it will be better than the previous books.

Awkwardly Ever After by Marni Bates ~ Actually I am not sure why I still follow this series, the first was awesome, but the second/third ones were horrible. Maybe I am just hoping one of these will be good and that is why I continue reading it.

Her Dark Places by Kelly Killarney ~ Boarding School? Stalkers? Romance? Wow, it sounds super exciting, though I am slightly worried about the whole NA setting. I do hope it will just mean that they are college aged and nothing more.

Haunt by Curtis Jobling ~ Not a new setting, boy dies and finds out he is a ghost, seeks help and so on, but it is a nice setting and I hope that the writer does their best to make it awesome. Add to that, that I really liked the trailer. (For those curious, here is the trailer: http://youtu.be/52MjEalDqlg)

Push Girl by Chelsie Hill and Jessica Love ~ This book just sounds perfect, I am really interested to see how it will turn out.

Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn ~ Mystery? Secrets? I am kind of curious what secrets Cate has and if they will be revealed.

The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett ~ I love fairy tale retellings, and I especially love Cinderella, so I just have to read this one. Crossing fingers that it will be a good retelling/story based on Cinderella.

Lies my Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters ~ The blurb just sound awesome, and I like that for once it isn’t a boy who is cheating, but a girl who cheated on her girlfriend. I can’t wait to see what happens when the girlfriends meet each other. Really excited about this one.

17 First Kisses by Rachael Allen ~ First Love, first kisses and self discovery, it sounds like a cute and fluffy book.

Twisted by Jo Gibson ~ Horror! Scary Stories! School and parties. I am very excited and hope I can find this book.

The Fever by Megan Abbott ~ Small community, one sick person and let the chaos begin and the secrets unravel. I can’t wait to read this one.

Dark Days by Kate Ormand ~ It sounds a bit like Divergent and also like some other Dystopian books I read. Still I am interested to see how this one unfolds, especially interested in those cyborgs. Why are people being killed?

Hungry by H.A. Swain ~ Food is gone in the future? Rebellion? Count me in, I am quite curious as to how this will turn out.


And that is it for this month. I have got lots to read, so many good books are coming out! What will you be reading this month? Any suggestions that aren’t on my list yet?

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