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Review for My Zombie Hamster

Review for My Zombie Hamster


Now the first thing I hear you all say and do is probably this: “OMG a hamster!! Sooo cute. <3 <3 I want to hug and hold and love it. <3 <3 *squeee*”
DON’T. This little dear is actually plotting to take over the world, one critter, one pet at a time, only to go to bigger things after that! Believe me, I have experienced it, and I am here to warn you for these little overlords of doom and despair.
Ah, I hear you are laughing, I hear you saying I probably conked my head on something heavy. Go on and laugh, laugh all you want, it will probably be the last time you will laugh forever. Read the book, that is all I will say, read the book and be warned and spread the word! 

9781606844915Now let me tell you about this book. Well what can I say about this awesome, epic, hilarious, special, lovely book, oh and did I mention terrific, you will love it, funny! Yes this book is that awesome and I truly loved it and I do hope there will be more books coming. Especially with that foreboding ending.

I loved the world building. At first I thought it would be just a zombie hamster in a normal world, but actually the world is stuffed to the brim with zombies and cities/towns are walled off. Adding a zombie hamster to that and his army of zombie critters just made that world all the more awesome. The one thing I missed though were pictures, or at least a lovely map of the town/city that our main guy lives in. I would love to see how big it was (or how small) were everything is (school/work/wall etc.). Hopefully in the next book? If there is one?

The characters were truly my favourite part next to all the zombies.

I loved the main character and I could just understand how he didn’t want to tell anyone about the hamster and well the hamster being kind of (ok, totally) dead and kind of illegal. 🙂
He was really funny and I was just cheering for him when he and his friends went to go Hamster hunting.

Charlie was really my second favourite character, she was interesting and special. I won’t spoil anything, but after a certain event she become much more awesome and much better. And she also gains a lot of importance points. I really liked her attitude and how she just blended easily with the guys.

Of course there is a bad guy, the mayor. Man, was he a bad leader. Only caring about himself and his stupid image. At times I was just hoping he would get eaten by the zombies.

All in all, I would truly recommend this book to everyone. Everyone (kids and also adults) will love this book.


Is this a Zombie? Vol.7

Is this a Zombie? Vol.7

9780316369046Wow, this was an awesome volume, and you can really see that we are nearing the ending for the manga. Various things are getting solved, problems are being talked over. I am happy with this development but also sad, since I love this manga and don’t want it to stop. 🙁

The amount of ecchi is nothing new, though it still amazes me that it is added, it has no use other than to give fanservice to the guys who read it.

The art is still nice, though it changed a bit over the years. Ayumu looks slightly different and at times I had a hard time to recognize him. Still he is the best character even though he is a big pervert. But oh well, who can resist a zombie masou shoujo that instead of a girl is a guy.
The other characters are also wonderful and fun to see, and I will be missing them when this manga will stop. They each have their quirks and characteristics and they truly make the story.

Like with other volumes this manga consists of drama, comedy and action. It is all well balanced and mostly the action is ended with some sort of comedy.

All in all a wonderful volume, and I will keep the last volume for a bit, I don’t want this series to end just yet. I will be hoping that the light novel will find its way out of Japan and be translated. *hopes and crosses fingers*


Review for Torn Away

Review for Torn Away

9780316245531This book consists of 3 parts (which at times was a bit annoying to read). You have the tornado part, where everything is destroyed that our main girl has (this was the best part), then she is shipped off to her father (this was the most horrendous part) and then the last part is where she finds a home with her grandparents (semi-good part).

I loved the intro to the book, the tornado part. It was so sad and heartbreaking. I never experienced a tornado and only saw on tv what happens, but with this book I felt like I was in the middle of it all. I could just imagine the tornado, could just imagine her fear. So really plus points for that writing. I think the best part was the tornado part, after that it quickly diverted to something I didn’t really like.

Now characters.
At the beginning I loved Jersey, I felt with her when she lost everything, I felt with her when she was shipped off to her dad. And there my sympathy ends. She was a total mess, horrendously done, and sorry girl but I can imagine your friend Dani acting like she was acting. The only time you called your friend was to whine, bitch and beg your way out of your father’s place. You didn’t care about her, you didn’t once just call for shit and giggles. No you constantly whined and was surprised that she didn’t react as you expected.
I know she was grieving, and I know her life sucks, but you need to keep your friends, not scare them away.
I disliked her at her grandparents place. She was so full with her mom’s stories about these people. These bad bad people, who were actually trying their hardest and best to help you. To feed you, to love you, and you acted like a total bitch for a lot of times. Only near the end did you finally open up and saw what was real. It was a cringe-worthy part for most of the time and I was happy when I reached the ending and she finally opened up her darn eyes.

Now Ronnie and Jersey’s family. I disliked Ronnie from the get-go, knowing he was up to something, and I knew that it would come to a surprise to Jersey. I hate Ronnie, I know Jersey is not his actual daughter, but come on, you have been a family for her for 5 or 6 or even 7 years. You don’t dump her because she looks too much like her mom and you can’t handle it…

Jersey’s family, wow I didn’t think I could dislike someone (or should I say multiple someones) more than I did with Ronnie and at times Jersey. But yes, it was possible. Her family was absolutely horrendous, the only point of light was her aunt who actually tried to make things better, helped her out and took care of her a bit. Those sisters, I really disliked them, they had no respect whatsoever, and I think they deserved what they had coming. I didn’t like the grandparents or Jersey’s dad. They were rude, mean and totally urgh.

And then at the ending, suddenly we have some sort of romance? Which totally didn’t fit, though was to be predicted from the start.


Review for That Summer

Review for That Summer

9780142401729_ThatSummer_CV.inddI absolutely adored this book.

Haven was just a wonderful character and I could totally see why she did what she did. I think in her place I would have done the same. Your dad remarries, you find out his new wife has been pregnant for a while, your sister is psychotic about her wedding, your best friend changed and then there is several other things happening. I really loved reading her story, seeing how everything started and seeing how everything ended.
There was one thing I didn’t like (and one thing I couldn’t sympathize with) and that was her constant whining and complaining about her length. I am short myself, but sorry, you don’t hear me complain/whine about it.

I disliked Ashley. She was mean, rude and totally a bitch to her sister. Making rude remarks about her height and such. I know your wedding is coming up, but you don’t do that. Not to your family.

I really loved how everything took place in one summer, how all these events that make one book is just one (not too big) period.

The writing is still amazing, I really love Sarah Dessen’s style of writing.

Well I only got a few more books to go before my summer project is over, then I will have read all the Sarah Dessen books.


Review for De Kick

Review for De Kick

9789000340491Wauw, mijn eerste Helen Vreeswijk boek die gedropped is. Normaal zijn ze redelijk goed en geef ik ze rond de 3 of 4 sterren.

Maar sorry, ik was bijna halverwege en ik kon het gewoon niet meer aan.

Waarom niet:
1. Het geweld. Het was eerst gewoon wraakacties, en die waren al erg grof/vergaand, maar nu hebben we al een gozertje die gewoon zomaar mensen in elkaar hengst als ze het niet met hem eens zijn. Hij doet zelfs zijn ma pijn, en wilde een 8 jarig kind pijn doen. WACHT WAT? Nee. Ik wil ook niet verder weten hoe het gaat, ik haat de karakters en ik snap dat ze in de gevangenis zijn gekomen. Daar horen dit soort types zeker thuis.
2. De wisselende POVs. We hebben Maurice, Steef, Danny, Frits en Peter, en die wisselen allemaal lekker lukraak af. Ben je net een stuk vanuit de POV van Danny aan het lezen, de volgende stuk is opeens over Frits. Echt veel te verwarrend en dat zorgde er zeker ook voor dat ik geen enkel gevoel had (nou ja, behalve afkeer) voor ze.
3. Die wraakacties? Kom op zeg, het ging gewoon te ver, was gewoon teveel. Ik had gedacht aan minder geweldadige/over the top dingen. Maar een auto in de fik steken? Een bakkerij de grond in krijgen door vernielingen te doen? Een meisje aftuigen en bijna verkrachten??????? En oh we hebben geen wraakacties meer, dus dan gaan we een pinautomaat opblazen???
4. De sex dingen. Iets wat ik vaker in Nederlandse YA voorbij zie komen. Erecties, masturbaties, sex, penissen die er gewoon uit worden geflopt, sex. Bedoel, serieus? Je penis (nou ja, je erectie die in je broek zit) tegen een foto aanwrijven en kreunen? Masturberen bij een foto van een meisje die je net in elkaar hebt geslagen?
Het is een reden dat ik steeds minder Nederlandse YA lees, en dat ik meer naar de Engelse YA gaan. Aangezien die heel vaak niet dit soort dingen heeft. En ik voel me gewoon erg ongemakkelijk bij dit soort dingen, zelfs als volwassene.
5. Teveel drama en onzinnigheid.

Heel erg jammer van dit boek, vooral omdat er misschien geen boeken meer komen. Als ik de facebook van Helen Vreeswijk moet geloven heeft ze de strijd verloren tegen borstkanker en is de kanker nu in haar bloed. Ze zegt dat ze zal schrijven, en we kunnen alleen maar hopen dat ze nog jaren te leven heeft, maar het kan ook zomaar voorbij zijn. Echt super sneu, ze is een geweldige schrijver.

Ik zou dit boek zeker niet aanraden en mensen aanraden haar oudere boeken te lezen.

Review for Blood Lad Vol.9 and Vol.10

Review for Blood Lad Vol.9 and Vol.10

Review for Volume 9 and 10.

9784041209455Wow, wow, wow. We really picked up the pace in these 2 volumes. It was already picking up pace slowly with events happening, but these 2 volumes are really action packed, and I am sure this won’t stop for a few more volumes.

At times I was a bit sad that we went this way (I was more attracted to the comedy + action part), but luckily volume 10 brings a bit more comedy and a bit more light-heartedness.

I loved the part where they went to read manga to find out about a weakness, so they could defeat Akim. Also loved how that idea worked, so things in mentioned in the manga books are real in the demon-world? I do hope the plan will really work, since Akim is quite strong.

The characters are still awesome, and we keep learning more and more about them. This time we learned about Braz and Staz’s father, about the history of the demon-world and various other things. It was really interesting.

Of course the art is and always will be awesome. I love how it just fits with the story.

All in all, I really enjoyed these 2 volumes, sad that I now have to wait for a long time for the next 2 books to come out by Yenpress. Luckily we also have a side-story called Bloody Brat, so I at least got something to look forward to soon. 🙂


Review for Double me, double you

Review for Double me, double you

9789025112660Een beetje overdreven, ja, ja ik weet het is een fictie boek. Maar kom op? Ach ik doe effe NK turnen, ach en daarna heb ik wel een gaatje voor Eurovisie Songfestival voor kinderen, ach finale zo gepiept. *rolls eyes* Sorry hoor, maar NK turnen + finale in EVS??? Hahhahahaahahahahahaha, nee. Ach en ze hebben ook nog wel een gaatje om naar Oeganda te gaan. School???? Hallo?? Anyone? Effe een weekje van school? (En dan moeten ze nog naar Kiev toe.)

Nog meer ranting: “Het model was razend van woede.” *snort* Ze lijkt op een model is niet hetzelfde als een model zijn. En in plaats van ohh en ahh gaan als die meid opduikt, lig ik eerder dubbel van het lachen om het feit dat er vaak het model staat. 🙂

Het was een redelijk boek, maar ik zou het niet aanraden. De karakters waren best vervelend. Ja, je wordt gepest, maar om nou gewoon net zo hard terug te vloeken en tieren en te doen, is ook niet goed. Dan ben je net zo erg als de pester. Gewoon naar een leraar gaan, of een vertrouwenspersoon.


Review for Natsuyuki Rendezvous Vol.1

Review for Natsuyuki Rendezvous Vol.1

9784396764876Saw the anime back when it aired, now 2 years ago. Decided to check out the manga. 🙂

Ah yes, I suddenly remember my frustrations with this anime. Shimao, or Rokka’s dead husband. He was sooooo annoying in the anime, and he is annoying in the manga as well. Just go on with your life man, you are not helping her now. You are just bothering her with her luck and happiness by not going on. How will she ever find love and happiness again if you linger around and try to butt in? Don’t you have any feelings? You are dead, she needs to get on with her life (which she is doing pretty nicely, if I must say). I do hope it won’t be too much of him again, because otherwise I will just drop this.

Rokka and Hazuki, ah such a wonderful couple of people. They really match well together and I won’t spoil anything (the anime was pretty conclusive, so I am sure that will happen in the manga as well), but let’s just say, I do hope they will have a good time together. With lots of romance and happiness. They both deserve that.

I loved the story, the idea, and also those illustrations are just gorgeous. One of the main reasons why I am reading this manga.

I would really recommend this manga, however, be warned. You might also be annoyed by Shimao.