Review for Let’s Get Lost

Review for Let’s Get Lost

9780373211241I really liked this book, however I didn’t like all the characters.

For instance I absolutely hated Bree, she was inconsiderate, a bitch and a total blergh character. Not everyone grieves the same way girl, some people just try to hide it, some people don’t cry at all. Think a bit, but I guess that was too difficult for her. Instead she had to go boohoo, kiss people she shouldn’t kiss, drink and use drugs and even run away. Sad little thing. I was glad when her part was over and we went to another (better) character.

I have to say that out of all the characters, I liked Hudson the most. You also knew immediately that he would play a big part even though he wasn’t around any more. And I was right. She was constantly thinking of him, hoping she would see him again. I won’t spoil anything else, but let’s say I was very much approving of what happened at the end. 🙂

I loved Sonia and Elliot’s stories. They were powerful, sad, and sweet. I really enjoyed reading about these 2, and seeing how their lives changed after they met with Leila.

While the others are all about other characters problems, the last part is all dedicated to Leila, about her life, what happened some years ago, why she really went to see the Northern Lights. I absolutely loved it. And the ending, oh my, perfect!

I really had fun reading about the various parts of the country, about the lives and stories. This is a great summer book, and I would really recommend it!


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