Review for And Tango Makes Three

Review for And Tango Makes Three

9780689878459Just had to read this after I heard about this news and I also heard that it has been banned from libraries in the US.

This book was gorgeous. It is about 2 penguins who are a couple. Now I hear you say, what is so strange/bannable about that? Well, this couple consists of 2 male penguins.

It was a wonderful, sad, cute book. They were trying so hard make a nest, trying to get a baby. But they are getting help from people. 🙂

I loved Roy and Silo, they are great together and I loved how they cared for their little baby.

The illustrations are not that fancy or pretty, but I still liked them. They are quite colourful and fitted the book and the mood of the book.

I don’t see what is so wrong about this book, other than that it is about a family that consists of a dad and a dad, not a mom and dad. But I think in this time and age that shouldn’t be that strange or awkward. And I know, that if I ever have kids, I will be sure to read this to my kids.

I would also recommend this to everyone. Read this, for yourself, or to your kids.  Don’t let this book be hidden from the world.


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