Review for Best Friends Forever

Review for Best Friends Forever

9781442441507This was a very very creepy book. Especially that plot twist at the ending, oh my oh my.

I didn’t always like Katie, I wish she was more outspoken and clearly let Whitney know about her dolls, or let her BFF (or should we say ex) know she doesn’t like what happens between them. Instead she just goes along and does whatever everyone does.
I also don’t understand why she didn’t stay away, I am sorry and all, but if there are dolls and something scary happens during night… I am never ever coming back to that house no matter how nice the person is.
Though I probably would never have entered the house in the first place. Dolls Shivers Nope.

Whitney, I already had my suspicions about her. The way she treated her dolls, the way she treated her dad (seriously what the hell with that? Dad just does everything his daughter says. Though, we later find out why he does that and I feel sorry for him). I didn’t like her. Not one bit.

Katie’s best friend. Urgh, I disliked her even more. So rude and just dumping your best friend only a short time after getting to a new place? Was she ever a best friend? Or was she just pretending?

The plot was great and I really enjoyed it. It was really creepy and I had goosebumps at some parts.

I would really recommend this book to everyone looking for a creepy book.


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