Review for Blood Lad Vol.9 and Vol.10

Review for Blood Lad Vol.9 and Vol.10

9784041209455Review for Volume 9 and 10.

Wow, wow, wow. We really picked up the pace in these 2 volumes. It was already picking up pace slowly with events happening, but these 2 volumes are really action packed, and I am sure this won’t stop for a few more volumes.

At times I was a bit sad that we went this way (I was more attracted to the comedy + action part), but luckily volume 10 brings a bit more comedy and a bit more light-heartedness.

I loved the part where they went to read manga to find out about a weakness, so they could defeat Akim. Also loved how that idea worked, so things in mentioned in the manga books are real in the demon-world? I do hope the plan will really work, since Akim is quite strong.

The characters are still awesome, and we keep learning more and more about them. This time we learned about Braz and Staz’s father, about the history of the demon-world and various other things. It was really interesting.

Of course the art is and always will be awesome. I love how it just fits with the story.

All in all, I really enjoyed these 2 volumes, sad that I now have to wait for a long time for the next 2 books to come out by Yenpress. Luckily we also have a side-story called Bloody Brat, so I at least got something to look forward to soon. 🙂


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