Review for Forget Me

Review for Forget Me

Short review: 9780399165290This was just pure awesomeness.

I really loved the twists and the turns that this book has. Nothing is what it seems, and who you might suspect, might not be the one who did everything.

I really liked the main character and her problems were interesting/sad. First losing her boyfriend (though again, he was pretty much a prick at times, no clue why she stuck with him), and then finding someone who looks exactly like him. Then the plot thickens by conspiracies and things that happened years ago.

I loved Evan, he was a great guy, who at first was a bit startled, but then wanted to know everything too.

Who the killer was? Who did a lot of things wrong? Well let’s just say it was a fun thing to figure out, though I was surprised by who it was. Maybe the second time I would read it I would see the hints, but this time I didn’t see them that clearly.

All in all I would recommend this book to everyone who likes mysteries. 🙂


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