Review for Girls Go Around (Volume 1/2)

Review for Girls Go Around (Volume 1/2)

9784757540439This review is for the complete series (Volume 1/2).

Wow, WOW, WOW, this series was awesome! I would also like to warn everyone (this is not really a spoiler), this series might look all fun and happy, but don’t be tricked, this manga is quite complex and nothing is what it seems.

We got loops, time travelling, science fiction, slice of life, school life, romance, drama, and that all mixed together makes this manga.

We have various characters, but we focus mainly on Kyousuke and his life at school, his decisions, his regrets (though he says he has none) and his interaction with the girls. I really liked Kyousuke, though I didn’t always like his attitude on how to make decisions. I did love how he was with the girls, how he gave each of them attention and how he enjoyed his school life.

The girls? I loved them, each of them is colourful and fun, and each of them have a problem or a regret that has gotten them stuck in the loop.

The ending of volume 1? Total shocker, I won’t say anything more, but be prepared!

Volume 2 was awesome, but I felt sad that we only focussed on one girl specifically instead of more. However, the ending and everything made up for that. The ending is, as they call it, a total mindfuck. And awesome mindfuck though, but still, be prepared. That is all I will say.

I would really recommend this manga to everyone.


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