Review for Home, Sweet Haunt

Review for Home, Sweet Haunt

9781442472402The most boring and also most predictable book in this series.

From the first chapter I knew what Nora was, and I knew why her parents kept her away. That was a shame, because it ruined the book for me. I generally don’t mind slightly predictable books, but this was overly predictable.

I didn’t like Nora that much. I felt she was just trying too hard, and she was quite oblivious to things. I mean how can she think it is ok to just stay in a burnt out shell of a house? No one, no matter if they have money or not does that, yet nothing about it.
I also hated her at the ending. I don’t see why she had to do that to her friends. Friends that liked her, friends that were happy to see her and yet she treated them like this. She went from annoying girl > aww poor girl and yeah that she found friend > Oh my Gosh what a bitch.

Lucas, the little brother, I just wanted to throw him out of the window. I mean seriously, he didn’t once listen to his sister or parents, he just did whatever he wanted. Annoyed everyone and was just a pest. I think the book could have done without him.

The parents, I didn’t understand why they just couldn’t tell their kids. I am sure they would have understood. But I guess that would probably ruin the plot of the story.

All in all, this book was a disappointment.


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