Review for Is She For Real?

Review for Is She For Real?

This was a good book, however there were also things I hated. 9781442450561

First things I liked:
1. The historical stuff. We have quite a background about 2 people and their little town.
2. Possession (through ring). One of my favourite settings, someone possessed by someone/something.
3. Lissa and her friends. I really liked them, they were interesting and fun. Though it was kind of unbelievable how fast they became friends with Bethany.
4. The cover. Creepy with a dash of romantic.

Now the bad things:
1.Bethany, I know, I know, she was under the spell of the ring, but it was just excruciating to read from her point of view. She was annoying, jealous and whiny. Her self-esteem was super low. She kept ranting about Nate, and him being mean, and him probably dating or looking at other girls. Oh boo hoo. I felt sorry for Nate. I cannot for life imagine why he would stay with her. At the end? I was happy she disappeared/vanished/exploded. 2. The switching of POVs, we had 3 this time. Nate, Lissa and also Bethany. At times it was just confusing who was chatting/thinking this time.

As you can see only a few bad things and mostly good things, so 4 stars. Though I had hoped for better.


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