Review for Just Listen

Review for Just Listen

Just listen Sarah DessenThis was just utterly crap and boring. I am really sad, I was looking forward to this one. But I hated the characters, the overload of settings/problems.

Annabel, dear Lord girl you need some backbone and you need to care for your friends more. Dropping Clarke like that, because of what someone says? Bad, very bad. And then thinking she hates you? Seriously girl what is wrong with your head…
Also if you don’t want to model, come out with it. I don’t need 100+ pages of boohoo I actually don’t want to be a model but my dear mommy wants it so badly.
And throughout the book I was wondering if there ever was a song/genre of music that she liked. She was bashing everything that Owen offered to her…. Seriously, there must be one song she must have liked.

Sophie, I hated her from the beginning, and I was totally right. Little miss Bitch, thinking she is the almighty queen or something. Not listening to her friends (or were they ever her friends), not checking the other side, the other story. No, someone is in a dark room with your boyfriend and you immediately go into bitch mode, not caring to listen, not caring to see how your friend looked. Did she look happy at all? I am sorry, but she just got raped, I am sure you can see that clearly. Sad pathetic little bitch.

The whole thing with Owen? Urgh, he was nice, but so boring and plain. I didn’t once see him as a love interest. More like a friend, nothing more.

I also felt like there was just too much going on. Rape, Loss of Friends, Modelling (and not wanting to do that), Sister Problems (Kirsten/Whitney, Whitney’s eating disorder), Parent Stuff, Boy Stuff. I think it would have been better if there was less stuff and that it just focussed on one or two things. Like Loss of Friends and the Rape. Or just Modelling and Boy Stuff. Or any other combination.

I am disappointed, however I will not give up on reading Sarah Dessen books. My Summer Challenge 2014 will continue. 🙂


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