Review for Manga Classics: Pride and Prejudice

Review for Manga Classics: Pride and Prejudice

9781927925188Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Again, like I said with Les Miserables, I don’t generally read classics (too boring), but I love manga, so I am hoping this will be an interesting book.

Oh My Boringness. I was just ranting aloud throughout the book (just ask my boyfriend, he heard everything and he was laughing and shaking his head).

Now for more. I am never, ever going to read the original book. No way. I already struggled to get through this one, and I don’t feel the need to struggle through even more boring story. Since I am quite sure they edited quite a few things out and left only the basic story.

Why was it is so boring/horrendous/urgh? The characters. Elizabeth especially was just such a tsundere. I was just singing this throughout the book: Tsun tsun dere tsun Dere tsun tsun Tsun tsun dere tsun Dere tsun tsun (Town song from Yoazkura Quartet). “I don’t like Darcy, oh yes I do love him. No I don’t. Oh no I judged him harshly. Ohhhhh Darcy!!!!” insert Elizabeth strangling a poor pillow while thinking of Darcy rolls eyes
I didn’t like always like her attitude. How she judged everyone around her without caring to find out if what she thought was right or wrong.
But I also liked her feistiness and her intelligence.

Jane, ah Jane, I just wish the book was about her. Would still be boring, but at least she is not denying she loves someone. I really liked her, and felt sorry for her that she was blocked from loving Bingley (at least at first).

Darcy, oh Gosh Darcy. I quite liked him, though he was all acting tough and such, while he is actually quite sensitive. I didn’t really like how he was drawn though. Broody, mean, and then the times where he showed his feelings it was just downright weird and awkward looking.
I wish he told Elizabeth sooner about the things he knew. Now he proposed and expects she immediately says yes, even after everything he did. Men. shakes head

Bingley, or as I called him, mister Glitter Shirt. I quite liked him and again, I think it would have been better had the main character been his and Jane’s love life.

My favourite character though from the whole book would be Elizabeth/Jane’s dad. My oh my, I do love a guy can say no and who cares about his daughters. I had expected him to be an old fashioned kind of guy who wants to give his daughters away to any guy that seemed suitable (like the mom would do), yet he didn’t, not unless they themselves wanted to get married and when they liked the guy.

The best part of the book? The ending, though I saw the ending coming. It was just so obvious at the beginning and after we met Darcy/Mr. Bingley what would happen. But it still made me happy, took them too long though.

2 stars. 1 for the manga part (which was gorgeous btw) and 1 star for the ending.


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