Review for My Hamster’s Got Talent

Review for My Hamster’s Got Talent

9781848771673I haven’t read the other books in this series (didn’t know this was book 4/didn’t know this was a series). I can only say, I am probably not going to read the rest of this series.

Benjamin is an idiot, seriously. Even for his age. Then we have that hamster, the one reason I wanted to read the book, and it turns out he is a total prick/mean and condescending, I absolutely hated that hamster and how he thought he was sooooo awesome/soooo smart/soooo much better than whoever in the world. It just got annoying and I just wished for a change, like this being a joke and the hamster turns out actually be very cute. Sadly this doesn’t happen.

I did like the talent show, though I am sad that it went this way. But I guess it was expected that something would happen.

Also one illustration was a bit off, were Ben is skating and it is clearly mentioned he is wearing a helmet, yet in the illustration he is not wearing anything.

Luckily it was a short book so I got through it quite fast.


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