Review for My Zombie Hamster

Review for My Zombie Hamster


Now the first thing I hear you all say and do is probably this: “OMG a hamster!! Sooo cute. <3 <3 I want to hug and hold and love it. <3 <3 *squeee*”
DON’T. This little dear is actually plotting to take over the world, one critter, one pet at a time, only to go to bigger things after that! Believe me, I have experienced it, and I am here to warn you for these little overlords of doom and despair.
Ah, I hear you are laughing, I hear you saying I probably conked my head on something heavy. Go on and laugh, laugh all you want, it will probably be the last time you will laugh forever. Read the book, that is all I will say, read the book and be warned and spread the word! 

9781606844915Now let me tell you about this book. Well what can I say about this awesome, epic, hilarious, special, lovely book, oh and did I mention terrific, you will love it, funny! Yes this book is that awesome and I truly loved it and I do hope there will be more books coming. Especially with that foreboding ending.

I loved the world building. At first I thought it would be just a zombie hamster in a normal world, but actually the world is stuffed to the brim with zombies and cities/towns are walled off. Adding a zombie hamster to that and his army of zombie critters just made that world all the more awesome. The one thing I missed though were pictures, or at least a lovely map of the town/city that our main guy lives in. I would love to see how big it was (or how small) were everything is (school/work/wall etc.). Hopefully in the next book? If there is one?

The characters were truly my favourite part next to all the zombies.

I loved the main character and I could just understand how he didn’t want to tell anyone about the hamster and well the hamster being kind of (ok, totally) dead and kind of illegal. 🙂
He was really funny and I was just cheering for him when he and his friends went to go Hamster hunting.

Charlie was really my second favourite character, she was interesting and special. I won’t spoil anything, but after a certain event she become much more awesome and much better. And she also gains a lot of importance points. I really liked her attitude and how she just blended easily with the guys.

Of course there is a bad guy, the mayor. Man, was he a bad leader. Only caring about himself and his stupid image. At times I was just hoping he would get eaten by the zombies.

All in all, I would truly recommend this book to everyone. Everyone (kids and also adults) will love this book.


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