Review for Natsuyuki Rendezvous Vol.1

Review for Natsuyuki Rendezvous Vol.1

9784396764876Saw the anime back when it aired, now 2 years ago. Decided to check out the manga. 🙂

Ah yes, I suddenly remember my frustrations with this anime. Shimao, or Rokka’s dead husband. He was sooooo annoying in the anime, and he is annoying in the manga as well. Just go on with your life man, you are not helping her now. You are just bothering her with her luck and happiness by not going on. How will she ever find love and happiness again if you linger around and try to butt in? Don’t you have any feelings? You are dead, she needs to get on with her life (which she is doing pretty nicely, if I must say). I do hope it won’t be too much of him again, because otherwise I will just drop this.

Rokka and Hazuki, ah such a wonderful couple of people. They really match well together and I won’t spoil anything (the anime was pretty conclusive, so I am sure that will happen in the manga as well), but let’s just say, I do hope they will have a good time together. With lots of romance and happiness. They both deserve that.

I loved the story, the idea, and also those illustrations are just gorgeous. One of the main reasons why I am reading this manga.

I would really recommend this manga, however, be warned. You might also be annoyed by Shimao.


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