Review for Ouran High School Host Club Vol.1

Review for Ouran High School Host Club Vol.1

9781591169154Re-read, might re-read the whole series again. 🙂

I decided to re-read this series since it has been quite a long time since I last read this series. And I really loved it back when I read it. 🙂

I still love it, however I notice that I still know quite a few scenes/what happens even after 7/8 years.

Haruhi, Tamaki and all the others are still wonderful and I was really happy to see them again. My favourite character is still Haruhi though, she is a wonderful girl (and so often mistaken for a boy) and she knows how to keep Tamaki in check (which in turn gives hilarious situations).
Though I already know who she is going to end up with, I will still cheer for her and that person throughout the manga.

Tamaki, he is and was still the one character that I at times just wanted to strangle. Saying Haruhi is his daughter is fun a few times, but just gets annoying after a while. I know there is a more serious Tamaki hidden beneath all those jokes/jester/idiocy and I just wish we could see that one more.

The other guys are just like it was before, swoon-worthy and great and I love seeing them in their various outfits.

Well I would recommend this manga to anyone seeking a nice shoujo/comedy/school/romance manga. It spans 18 volumes, but you will enjoy them all. Believe me.

I won’t be writing a review for every manga volume. I probably will only write another review for the last volume.


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