Review for Sekai Seifuku Sekirara Jogakukan Vol.1 to 3 (complete)

Review for Sekai Seifuku Sekirara Jogakukan Vol.1 to 3 (complete)

9784063731750Review for all the books in this series (1 to 3).

This was a very interesting, albeit very strange series. A girl transfers to a very strange school, were they are taught various skills to use on men, combat skills, rejection skills, and also everyone on school has to flirt with each other (and the whole school is all-female). It is one chaotic, but in the end a really fun series to read.

There is a whole cast of girls, with our main character being Mai. Every of her friends has some kind of skill, or something that makes them special.

The first manga mostly takes place in school, but soon after that the rest not only takes place at school, but also at random places when battles occur or things happen.

I am kind of sad the series is this short, I had hoped for a longer series.

The art style is something I already loved from this mangaka’s other work and it was also the thing that drew me to this series.

There is a bit of ecchi/ecchi situations happening, so be warned when you start this series.

Also included in the last volume is a short story about Muffler Justice, it was great fun to read that one.


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