Review for Some Boys

Review for Some Boys

9781402298561Some Boys was a really brilliant book. It was also at times highly confusing. Was she raped? Or was she not? There are two sides to the story and we slowly find out the truth.

I love Grace, but at times I thought she was just a bit too much. At times I didn’t know what to think of her. Like how she was stalking the guy who raped her to get that one shot. Since we don’t get to hear why she is doing it until a bit later, I wasn’t sympathizing with her a lot, and thanks to this I was also doubting if she was truly raped or just searching for attention. Which is a shame. I think if the whole picture thing was left out it would have been much much better, now at times it just felt awkward and weird.

But at other times I was just cheering for her to continue with her life, to not give up, even though it seemed the whole world was against her. Add to her rape, she also had various other things going on in her life. Her dad, her family, a crush on a boy who is friends with the guy who raped her.

Ian, ah Ian, a character I hated and loved. I at times found him an idiot, believing his friends, believing everything that is being said, while not knowing there is always two sides to a story, not one. I hated how he based his believes on how Grace looked, how she acted. I started liking him more at the end when he finally decided to see that there are indeed two side to a story and decided to be there for Grace.

I loved how the book was split up in 2 POVs, that made the book even better. I don’t think I could have survived through a whole book of Grace.

It is sad that people judge others by their looks, their clothes, brand them sluts while they are not that. It is something that pops up in books. Girls (or boys) get raped or molested and they get the fault, get branded a slut/whore or anything else that is bad. I think we should change that, we should look at both sides, help the victim and find out what happened.

And also, just because a girl wears a short skirt, doesn’t mean you can just rape her.



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