Review for Summer Demons

Review for Summer Demons

9781496022219Received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

First the good things:
1. The summery feeling, I love it. Especially with my country’s weather being warm, then cold and wet, then warm, then back to cold and wet, I could use a summer book with beaches, nice boys and sun. 🙂
2. The romance, it was quite believable, instead of instant love, it took some time for them to warm up and get to dating. I was already slightly worried, especially with Jenna’s past thing, that they might just ditch that and go for instant romance. Luckily everything was talked over and settled.
3. Amy. I really like her and how she did her best to be there for her friend. How she helped her out, how she gave her advice, how she was there when Jenna needed her.
4. The kisses. Ah so many kisses. <3
5. The background story. I really like it, while it was dramatic, I felt like it just gave the story something extra from your normal summer fling books.

The bad things;
1. The POV sometimes switched to Ethan or Amy in the middle of a chapter, and it was quite confusing at times to know whose thoughts we were seeing, or who was talking.
2. 2 dates and they already had sex? Ok… That was kind of disappointing, I had hoped they would have waited a bit longer.
3. We don’t see Amy any more (or not so much) after Jenna and Ethan get to dating, and that is a shame. I really like Amy.
4. Ethan. At the beginning he was just a big meanie and rude and I really hated his attitude, how he was prying (nosy).
5. The ending, I had hoped to see them both in London/England.

All in all a decent book, and I will be sure to check out the second book in this series.


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