Review for Summer of Yesterday

Review for Summer of Yesterday

9781481401302This was one very fun and lovely book.

The setting was really interesting and was one of the main reasons why I wanted to read it. A seizure that takes you back years in the past, back to a past where you will meet your one true love?
I normally am a fan of time travel, but I haven’t read any books about time travel per seizure. So +star for originality.

Our main character Haley is a really cute character, though at times I wasn’t sure of her age. At times she behaved older, but at other times younger than her actual age.
I felt sorry for her, sorry that she got thrown into the past, without any means or help. However, I didn’t like how fast she was in love/liked Jason. I felt it was a bit unrealistic. She was stuck in the past, and instead of panicking/focussing on getting out, she fell in love, hard, with a guy she knew she could never be with (since, hello, you have to get back).
But luckily she did try to get out and find a way to get away. (Even though she clearly didn’t want to)

However, she did forget number 1 rule when time travelling, even if it is a dream, you shall never tell anyone about what happens in the future, because you might alter something and that might destroy your present.

The book mostly focusses on Jason and Haley’s relationship and how the fall in love, how they don’t want to leave each other. It was all very sweet and cute and I really enjoyed it.

The ending made me tear up. That was so sad, so beautiful. I do hope they will be able to at least meet up. Even with the age difference, I do hope they will get a chance to say hi.

I never heard of River Country before (never been to the US), so I didn’t really know what everything was about, but I later checked some stuff, it was really interesting. And also a bit sad that they just let such a part rot away, not doing anything with it.
I really liked that the writer put the River Country/Disney World thing in there. I do hope to one day see River Country (and also Disney World) in real life.

All in all, for those in need for a nice summer read, be sure to check this one out. 🙂


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