Review for The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw

Review for The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw

9780007515677Once again, let me start with talking about that cover.

We are now in book 3 (final???) and yet again the cover is wrong for this edition.
There are 3 brown/black haired guys and 1 blonde, not 2 blondes. The only one who slightly matches his character as shown and described in the book is Gustav, and even there are things wrong. Liam (probably the guy on the right with that killer look on his face) actually has long flowy hair.
Duncan? While he looks that idiotic, he doesn’t look like that (check pictures in the book). And then we got the biggest mistake: Frederic. He is not blond, he has brown/black hair and he is thin and wiry and long, and not build/short like this.
I seriously don’t understand why it is so hard to get this cover right. There are numerous images of the characters in the book, so I would say it is easy to just copy whatever is there and do that on the cover.

Now on to the most important thing: the book.

This was once again a really hilarious book. Several things happen, we got some romance, some fairy tales, some deaths and murders and of course we got humour, lots of that.

I think of all the books, I enjoyed this one the most. The characters are better, more fun and the story flows better.

Another thing that was fun and that also made me happy was that we finally got the right couples! Sorry no spoilers, you will just have to read for yourself if your favourites got their right couples. I can just say that I am super super happy with this. I was hoping for that since the first book and how that ended. 🙂

I love the illustrations in the book, they make the whole book come to life!

But that ending, does that hint to another book? I do hope so, since I don’t want this series to end yet. I want to see my favourite couples in new situations.


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