Review for the House Next Door

Review for the House Next Door

9781442482333I will need to buy a few more volumes of this series. It is just that awesome. 🙂

This volume in the series was awesome. However one thing, that I have also noticed with the previous books, is that the cover shows 3 girls and they all look around 14 to 16, not 11 to 13. Other covers also tend to have that problem, saying the kids around around 12 year old while on the cover you see 14 to 16 year olds.
And the fact that the girls didn’t go into the house together makes the cover weird too.

Now for the book itself. It was a wonderful and interesting (and also at times very creepy) story, I am kind of sad for the girls though, they didn’t deserve this, and I can only imagine how sad the parents and everyone else they know will be.

The characters are really fun, though I didn’t like that it at times switches between them. One moment you had Amanda, the next Anne, and then Alyssa. It was quite confusing.

The house was seriously creepy and I had goosebumps while reading.

There are a few things I didn’t like. For one: Why is it 50 years? Why not 20? Why not 10? Why not 5? The second thing: The ending. I had hoped we would see what would happen to the girls, will they find their parents again? Are the parents still alive? Will their plan to get out work?
The third thing: Why only New Year? Will you be fine on any other day?
The fourth thing: Did anyone try to find the girls? Did they check the house? Did they search? All kinds of things I kind of miss. I also would have loved a POV from Anne’s view, to see her tell her parents, to see panic grow. Instead nothing like the sort.


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