Review for The Mystery of the Mosaic

Review for The Mystery of the Mosaic

9781442497214A short, but super fun book!

I couldn’t find book 1, but it seems that is no problem since you can just directly step into this one. There are some flashbacks as to why they are in Venice, and also about their previous mystery. I love it when books do this. 🙂 I will be sure to check out the rest of the series too (if I can find them).

I really liked Ethan and Ella, they were really great and fun characters. They are also really smart and seem to solve mysteries with ease. In this book they solve the mystery of the Gondola and their grandpa’s mystery.

There are a whole lot of illustrations, making the story even more fun and interesting. And I like the drawing style. Not always do I like it, but this one was really pretty.

I couldn’t really understand why the dad left his kids alone (in a strange country) for a few hours and even let them go outside and such. The kids are what 9? 10? I wouldn’t want my kids to go out in a country that is unfamiliar to them.

And like I said, I am looking forward to further books in this series. Hopefully there will be more fun mysteries!


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