Review for The Princess and the Pig

Review for The Princess and the Pig

97808027233454.5 stars. A really adorable and cute picture book.

My oh my, this was adorable. A baby is born, and her mom (the queen) drops her from the tower (who does that btw?), baby falls and lands in a carriage with a pig. Pig goes up and becomes the princess.

Instead of finding the real princess, the king and queen immediately assumed that a bad fairy has cursed the princess and turned her to a pig.
While the baby princess is now with farmers who assume the same. 🙂 Because this is what happens sometimes in stories.

I really liked the princess, and the pig was also funny. It was fun to see the various lifestyles. The real princess on a farm and having fun, the pig needing to study, to wear elaborate clothes and more.

The ending was interesting (I won’t spoil anything), just that I loved it and I am happy the writer went for this ending instead of the one I was thinking off.


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