Review for Truth or Dare

Review for Truth or Dare

9781442420960(Note: this review is in English, but I will use the names as used in the Dutch edition, since I read this book in Dutch. And I frankly have no clue what everyone’s names are in English.)

This was a really really fun book. I saw it in the library and just had to take it with me. I am glad I did, now I found a new horror series that I am going to follow and buy (this time in the original language).

The story was really great, scary, creepy and at times gave me goosebumps. Especially during certain events I just had arms and legs full of goosebumps. I really liked the story/setting. Sleepover, secrets are told, suddenly a stalker appears! Love it!
The whole, who-is-it and is-it-a-ghost was a fun thing and I had lots of fun trying to figure it out. I just never guessed it was that. (sorry no spoilers. :))

Aagje was a really great character, I really like her. She has great friends (though I didn’t like Lisa that much) and I was cheering for her and Daan to get together. I had high hopes for them. (again no spoilers as to what happens at the end)

I already bought several of this series yesterday after I finished this one. I just love horror books like this one, and luckily they are quite cheap.

One thing I didn’t like, and something that I will complain about at my library. They put a sticker (for protection and such) right over the last page of the book… I could somewhat decipher what was under the sticker, but it ruined the ending for me. Which is a real shame. 🙁

And again horrendous translation of various things. The book in Dutch is called Akelige Smsjes which would translate to Ghastly/Horrible Sms or Ghastly/Horrible Messages not Truth or Dare. Also the Creepover part? It is called Griezelkoorts (English:Horror Fever) in Dutch. Real shame that translators suck at translating.


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