Review for Wildflower

Review for Wildflower

9780316251389Short review because I am tired/not feeling well, but I still want to let people know what I thought about the book.

This book was great! However, the ending sucked. I won’t spoil anything, but sadly the ending is what made me give this book 4 stars instead of the planned 5 stars. I felt the book was cut off at the last point, it could have elaborated on things, now it felt a bit inconclusive.

I did love Bird, however she was sooooo naive at times. I was just shaking my head at it. She was a wonderful girl though, and gifted. I wouldn’t want to listen to her singing in real life (I hate country music) though.
I did like all the details on the recording, the publishing stuff and all other things surrounding it. We also got some romance, though it is not that much, and I expected more from it.

The side-characters (her family, the boys, her friends, the recording studio/company) were all great and made the story even more wonderful. I loved how supportive her family was, though I wanted to smack her brothers at times.

All in all, I would recommend this book. It is a great, fluffy summer read.


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