Review for Wild@Heart Vol.1 to 3 (complete)

Review for Wild@Heart Vol.1 to 3 (complete)

9780345515773Review for Wild@Heart 1 to 3 and also the extras.

This manga was really great fun, however it does take a while before I really liked it.

Mostly that problem lay with the characters. It took some chapters to get used to them. Chino was a bit too desperate at times, and she overreacted quite a bit. Hyo, was just plain annoying at the beginning, it wasn’t until he gained more speech and looked more normal that I started to like him.

Around volume 2 I was loving the characters and just cheering for their love to come true and for them to be together.

Of course it isn’t that easy, we have a (not so unexpected) plottwist happening. We finally find out about the past of Hyo (since babies don’t magically appear on deserted islands. :)).

However with this comes a very annoying character named Tsubame. I can honestly say thanks to her I was very close to dropping the manga. She just was too clingy, too desperate, too much. Went too far. Of course we soon find out why she is so desperate, but for me that wasn’t a good reason and didn’t make me sympathize with her.

The last volume is a wonderful conclusion to the series and brings us some very romantic moments. 🙂

The art style is really nice, but that is to be expected from Natsumi Ando.

In this volume there are also 2 extra short stories. One about ghosts/monsters who need to drive someone away who is trespassing. The other about a girl and a boy who start a relationship but can’t get that kiss right. Both stories are super cute and make up for a fun dessert after a fun series.


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