Review for Odd and the Frost Giants

Review for Odd and the Frost Giants

9780747595380I got this book years ago, but lost it after moving 4 years ago. And yesterday I finally found it and decided to read it.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors and I really enjoy his books. This one was no exception. I love vikings, I love all the gods they had.

Odd was a very interesting character, I still have no clue how he works though, since he can’t seem to say no and thinks it is totally normal to just save the world from a giant. Like it is nothing.

The story, Giants winning (for once) and Gods losing was a fun one, I am normally used to the gods winning everything.

I loved the ending, though I can’t really understand how Freya couldn’t fix his whole leg. Isn’t she a goddess? Why is she still bound by stuff?

I wish it had more illustrations though.

The title is also a bit off. Since it was only one Frost Giant, and not more than that.

All in all a fun short book.


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